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MLU's growth and success was achieved by managerial expertise, commitment to excellence, and the ability to produce high quality and quantity work within the framework of government regulations and requirements. We have performed numerous successful debris operations and have consistently completed operations safely, expeditiously and at the greatest value possible.

Marcia Ulm - President - Owner

Marcia has over 9 years experience in Accounting and Business Management. She established MLU Services, Inc. as a woman owned, diversified, certified 8A, SDB, Hub Zone Company with offices in five different states. With her guidance, MLU has gained experience in storm related disaster recovery, reconstruction, and temporary housing hauling and installing efforts. For over six years she has successfully led the company to become a leader in Disaster Management and Temporary Housing. She has created a company which can immediately respond to a disaster with experienced management teams, and can mobilize trained staff employees to begin recovery and reconstruction efforts with 24 hours.

Billy Ulm - Director of Operations

Billy has 24 years in business operations and over six years in Disaster Services. He is a certified arborist. He was contacted directly by FEMA after the four hurricanes struck Florida and was responsible for coordinating the efforts of the Program Director to successfully install approximately 2,500 travel trailers. Again in 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, Billy provided operational guidance and input to negotiate contracts with both Fluor Enterprises, Inc and Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc. to haul and install travel trailers and mobile homes in Louisiana. Billy's commitment to the highest quality of work performance resulted in MLU hauling and installing over 29,000 temporary housing units.

Eric Ulm - Lead Project Manager

Eric worked for almost ten years in manufacturing for a $100 million company. In 2003 Eric managed our successful hurricane debris management and cleanup of Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. In 2003, after four hurricanes hit Florida, MLU successfully ran Debris Management and Removal contracts in Florida and Alabama. Eric led our Quality Assurance Programs, as assisting in the management of personnel and sub-contractors. Upon completion of our Debris contracts, FEMA contracted MLU directly to install temporary trailers with full services. Eric established procedures to ensure that consistently high quality work was delivered on the installation of these units and oversaw the implementation of these procedures. In 2005, he again developed the quality assurance guidelines for the Hurricane Katrina Relief effort in Louisiana, providing high quality performance for over 29,000 travel trailers. He developed an MLU Set Crew Installation Handbook which aided in providing consistent standardized work performance, reporting and high quality of performance. With his background in manufacturing and previous experience he is ideally qualified to supervise Project Managers and coordinate activities of the subcontractors to ensure debris operations are properly performed in accordance with company quality standards and Parkland, FEMA and FHWA specifications.

Jeff Scott - Project Manager

Jeff Scott started with over 7 years experience in managing International Sales of a $75 million company. He was in charge of coordinating efforts and monitoring results of the sales force of companies in eight countries. His responsibilities included panning, supervising, and managing the Sales departments at all locations and leading the combined effort to meet corporate goals. In response to the four hurricanes that struck Florida and Alabama in 2004, Jeff channeled his management experience into managing MLU's Debris Management and Removal sub-contracts in both states. After successful completion of our debris work, MLU became involved in providing temporary housing to the thousands of families in need of FEMA temporary housing. Jeff was responsible for day-to-day management of the project overseeing the Project Managers and subcontractors who installed over 50 trailers per day out of Ft. Pierce, Punta Gorda, and Pensacola and completed approximately 2,500 units. In 2005, Jeff managed the Hurricane Katrina Relief effort to help those in devastated parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. He successfully managed the Project Managers and Subcontractors to meet the project requirements which, at peak production, included the hauling and installing of approximately 350 travel trailers per day. In the eleven months following Hurricane Katrina he has successfully managed the installation of over 29,000 FEMA travel-trailers and temporary housing units.

Willie Philips - Assistant Project Manager

Willie is a seasoned expert in the construction operations and management. He has managed large construction equipment operations involved in complex projects. He joined MLU in 2005 to manage the Hurricane Katrina Relief effort in Louisiana. As a Project Manager on this project he was responsible for the coordination of work and the quality of performance in connection with the large amount of machinery and equipment. He was responsible for organizing the work, acquiring the needed subcontractor's to perform the work, assigning work orders to each, directing the performance of the work done, controlling the quality of the installation, and tracking and reporting the completion of the installations and monitoring all work-in-progress. He was responsible for the successful completion of over 3,500 units on the Hurricane Katrina Project.

Gene Dugger - Assistant Project Manager

In 2005 he joined MLU to manage the Hurricane Katrina Relief effort in Louisiana and as Project Manager on this project he was responsible for the coordination of work and the quality of performance in his specific location. He was responsible for organizing the work, acquiring the necessary subcontractors to accomplish the mission, assigning work orders to each, directing the performance of work done, controlling the quality of the installation, tracking/reporting the completion of the installations and monitoring all work-in-progress. He was responsible for the successful completion of over 3,500 units on the Hurricane Katrina Project.

Tate Brummitt - Contracts/Logistics Manager

Tate joined MLU in 2006 directly from the US Air Force where he honorably served as a warranted contracting officer. He has a breadth of experience of his time with the military, having been stationed overseas in support of Operations Enduring & Iraqi Freedom. He awarded and moved over $200 million in assets throughout the Middle East. Tate also has experience in natural disaster recovery and was instrumental in bringing Langley AFB back to full operation after Hurricane Isabel back in 2003. He has a vast knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and is highly skilled with the interpretation and implementation of state procurement regulations, statures, and laws.

Charles Fradella - Finance Officer

Charles has 5 years of experience in managing Accounting Departments. In 2006 Prior to joining MLU he worked for FLUOR. At FLUOR Charles managed all Haul and Install contracts and related invoicing for Hurricane Katrina. He joined MLU in 2006 to add his knowledge and experience with Federal Government.

Jack Sulser - Health/Safety Officer

Jack has worked 12 years in the Aero Space Industry working with EPA and OSHA inspectors. He received certification in SPC (Statistical Process Control), CPI (Certified Process Inspection), Cellular Manufacturing, and Lean Manufacturing. He is a graduate of the San Bernardino County Reserve Sheriffs Academy of California. Jack owned and operated his own construction company for 5 years before going to work for Philips and Jordan Disaster Services in 2003. There he was a Safety Supervisor for Hurricanes Charley, Francis, and Jean Supervising over 20 Sub Contracting crews in a 20 square mile area inspecting and keeping then in compliance with all D.O.T., O.S.H.A., and E.P.A. Regulations, including the State and Federal regulations for 4 Debris Disposal Site operations with Waste Management of West Palm Beach Florida.

Ted Simporas - DCAA Specialist/Auditor

Ted has over 30 years in federal contracting, including over 20 years executive level and consulting positions, involving major systems acquisitions and services supporting U.S. space, energy, defense, intelligence, and environmental programs.

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