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Emergency Vegetation Management

Critical line clearance, wildfire response, and roadway debris removal during a natural disaster.

Hazard tree removal after wildfire

Hazard tree removal after Camp Fire in 2018.

Utility line clearance

Clearing the way.

In disaster areas, MLU helps utility crews restore electric, gas, phone, or cable service by removing trees and branches that caused power outages or that pose an immediate safety risk or hazard.

Emergency and year-round tree and shrub clearance around distribution and transmission lines.

Utility line clearance is serious business.

MLU understands that skilled vegetation management is essential for compliant, safe and reliable power service; especially when severe weather occurs.

Power partners.

MLU has the experience utility companies have to come to rely on for critical line clearance. Our crews respond immediately during severe weather events to help utility workforces restore electrical service quickly and safely.

Safety is always a high priority. Our utility line arborists are trained to industry standards and best practices to ensure a safe environment along vital power transmission and distribution lines — for workforce crews and the community.

Romote Control Tree Grapple

A strong grapple that locks onto the tree allowing the operator to lower the limb to the ground in a controlled manner preventing property damage or injury to people below.

Seasoned Tree Specialists

 We specialize in mitigation plans and disaster response operations with crews and equipment able to perform in the most rugged conditions. 

Hazard Tree Removal.

Upon inspection, qualified fallers and equipment operators remove dead or damaged trees that pose a hazard to people or utilities.

Power line clearance.

Aggressive Right-of-Way clearing along utility lines to help keep electricity reliable and to protect the public from electrical hazards.


Our crews follows all OSHA regulations,  ANSI standards, specifically ANSI Z133 and ANSI A300, and our own training publications. 

Heavy debris removal.

Pre-disaster planning ensures proper reduction and disposal practices to both quickly and safely manage disaster debris. 

We’re sittin’ on GO.

When MLU sends a dispatch for emergency tree removal during a natural disaster, you can bet we are prepared with the latest, most advanced technology and techniques to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Our qualified professionals are skilled in inspecting lines to find hazards and resolving problems so the power supply can be protected and restored.

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