Constructed within 48 hours to accommodate first responders, supervisors, and other essential workforce. workforce housing Traffic Control Debris Removal Base Camp
Roadway Traffic Control Services TRAFFIC

Planning, design, and resources needed to manage traffic through roadway work zones in a safe manner.
SAFE WORKZONES Vegetation Management Base Camp TRAFFIC CONTROL
Emergency Tree Services Vegetation management Vegetation Management Help for crews to restore electric, gas, phone, or cable service by removing trees and branches that caused power outages. clearing the way Debris Removal Traffic Control debris
Debris operations with specialized equipment and certified experts for large projects or storm cleanup. large scale Base Camp Vegetation Management Debris Removal
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Specialty Contracting and Disaster Logistics

MLU Services, Inc. is a national leader in disaster recovery services with a long history providing workforce base camps, disaster debris removal, and ROW clearance for power lines. MLU is positioned to put our disaster relief expertise to work anytime, anywhere — for any event.

Full Spectrum Turn-key Services

With the most comprehensive range of services in the specialty contracting and logistics industry, MLU is a trusted partner for FEMA, states, and localities for delivering reliable planning, management, and logistics operations.

Mobilize with MLU Today

With staging and logistics services ready to deploy as soon as an emergency response is needed and a project management team prepared to act, getting started with a reliable disaster recovery plan has never been easier.