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Demolition Services & Equipment

MLU Services provides safe and professional demolition operations to make way for your future plans. 

MLU Services Demolition Services
Debris Removal Equipment

Demolition Equipment

MLU Services has been moving land, structures, and debris for over 20 years across multiple industries. Our team’s experience with the heavy machinery necessary to complete your demolition project has been tested and proven through successful federal, state, local, and private level contracts.

Contact us for more details on the demolition tools available. 

We can remove millions of cubic yards of debris in a short amount of time.

Because strength matters.

Our debris management professionals have decades of experience to readily deploy all the necessary teams and special equipment to successfully handle any demolition debris.

Our Demolition Services

Total Demolition and Wrecking
Disaster Damaged Structure Removal
Large Scale Debris Removal
Debris Reduction & Disposal
Environmental Remediation
Risk Mitigation Procedures
MLU Services Demolition

Debris Collection & Removal

Our customers benefit from the use of our specialized equipment, which helps ensure readiness, safety and reliability. Get your demolition and debris removal from one vendor.

A wide array of markets.

MLU Services is an experienced debris removal service and equipment provider, bringing the latest technology to a wide array of markets. We serve the electric, railroad, telephone, chemical, manufacturing, and forestry.

We also work with all levels of government including federal, state, county and municipal entities.

Our demolition and debris removal services enable our customers to operate more cost effectively, keep their employees and the public safe, and comply with local, state and federal regulations.

Roadway Tree Removal

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