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Large Scale Debris Removal

Debris operations with specialized equipment and certified experts for large projects or storm cleanup.

Debris Removal

ROW clearing and debris removal.

Debris Removal Equipment

We plan for the unexpected.

When it comes to cleaning up after a natural or man-made disaster, our team of experts are ready for anything. Dealing with the unexpected is part of the plan and MLU is fully prepared to meet the unique challenges when it comes to emergency preparedness and recovery.

With professional crews and highly specialized equipment, MLU stands ready to respond when you need, to effectively clear and haul heavy-duty debris from areas devastated by extreme weather events.

We can remove millions of cubic yards of debris in a short amount of time.

Because strength matters.

Our debris management professionals have decades of experience to readily deploy all the necessary teams and special equipment to successfully handle the aftermath of any event.

Our debris removal services.

Large Scale Debris Removal
Hazardous Tree Removal
Debris Reduction & Disposal
ROW Clearance
Disaster Damaged Structure Removal
Safe Remote Controlled Hazard Tree Removal

Debris collection equipment.

One of the other keys to success that we’ve discovered is the use of specialized equipment, which helps ensure readiness, safety and reliability.

The CBI horizontal grinder advantage.

The “king of land clearing”, this is the best horizontal grinder on the market and excellent for land clearing right-of-way for utility companies.

Built for the power and portability demanded by land clearing operations, the CBI horizontal grinder allow us to process material on site in dense woods and over rugged terrain.

CBI grinders also have a long history of working in tough, high-volume applications associated with material buildup after natural disasters.

Horizontal Grinder

High performance Tree-Mek grapple saw.

The knuckleboom crane, grapplesaw and truck combined together make the ultimate remote control tree removal machine for high hazard tree removal, or wildfire and storm cleanup.

The remote controls allow an operator to work from the ground, a safe distance away from the equipment — outside of the risk zone — which makes the work much safer.

With this technology, we are able to get more done in a day resulting in increased production. The safety aspect, however, will always remain the number-one benefit.

Knuckle Boom with Grapple Saw

Environmentally sound wood waste disposal.

Wilhelm has invested in air burner technology as a more efficient method of woody debris disposal. The revolutionary technology is the leading-edge solution for responsible disposal of wood waste caused by wildfire destruction, vegetation management, or landing clearing.

Wood waste of all types—including demolition debris, root balls, whole logs and pallets—can be fed directly into Air Burners destructors and stay out of landfills.

Air Curtain Burner

A wide array of markets.

MLU is a leader in debris removal, bringing the latest technology to a wide array of markets. We serve the electric, railroad, telephone, chemical, manufacturing, and forestry.

We also work with all levels of government including federal, state, county and municipal entities.

The services provided by MLU enable our customers to operate more cost effectively, keep their employees and the public safe, and comply with local, state and federal regulations.

Roadway Tree Removal

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Getting started with a reliable debris removal plan has never been easier.