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Temporary Manufactured Housing

Installed to house residents whose homes were destroyed by a major natural disaster.

GridleyCA Camp Fire Temporary Community

Gridley Camp Fire Community with 400+ MHUs built in less than 80 days.

Temporary Manufactured Housing Interior

Safeguard survivors quickly.

When individuals and families impacted by a presidentially declared disaster face damaged or destroyed homes, MLU Services supports Federal assistance programs by providing mobile home units so displaced households have a place to live.

Temporary housing installation and maintenance recovery services.

Driven by quality and timeliness.

Our temporary housing division specializes in haul and install of individual units, and construction and engineering for commercial sites — wherever disaster strikes.

Exceptional performance.

MLU has a long history as a Federal Government contractor consistently delivering first-class, on-time services that exceed contract expectations.


What To Expect

True turnkey services.

When you contract with MLU the only question we need answered is “How many?”. 

Proven fast response.

MLU has never missed a deadline in over twenty years.

Fast-track procurement.

Longtime direct partnerships with suppliers across the country ensure we have a steady supply of all hard-to-find resources.

Local focus.

MLU prioritize local subcontractors for faster response times and to support communities during recovery efforts.

We get it done.

MLU continues to sharpen our core competencies in temporary housing construction.

From project management, quality control, administrative documentation and reporting, MLU’s experienced, pro-active approach ensures a well-organized, successful mission that benefits our government partners and the communities we serve.

Temporary Housing

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Getting started with a reliable disaster recovery plan has never been easier.