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Workforce Base Camp Operations

Constructed within 48 hours to accommodate first responders, supervisors, and other essential workforce.

Large-scale Base Camp Bunkhouses

12-person bunkhouses accommodate Camp Fire first responders.

MLU Responds To Hurricane

There when you need.

If a recent hurricane or wildfire was fierce enough to have a name — Dorian, Florence, Harvey, Katrina, Michael, Kincade, or Camp, to name a few — then MLU was on-site within hours to set up base camp operations so first responders could focus on critical tasks without added stress.

Complete turnkey solutions for short-term and long-term base camp.

Expertise that makes a difference.

Our base camp team works closely with utility partners to prepare ready-to-go base camp operations that puts the comfort of your workforce first.

Outstanding response.

MLU puts experience to work for every mission and it shows; we deploy fully operational base camps in record time.

At MLU we know that being prepared with a strategic plan and dependable inventory is the first and most important step towards an organized, timely, and seamless mobilization.

With our full-service, rapid response time,  your workforce hits the ground running while we handle all the details — from start to finish.


MLU Base Camp Support

Food Service

Our focus is supporting a healthy workforce with nutritional meals that, we believe, help reduce on-the-job safety risks and boots productivity.

Base Camp Catering

Hygiene Service

Warm showers and sanitized restroom trailers  provide plenty of room and privacy for crew members to wash away a shift of hard work.

Base Camp Restrooms

Sleep Service

Our TruComfort Sleep System™ guarantees a peaceful rest so your crews feel refreshed and appreciated when that alarm clock rings.


By choosing MLU Services to provide fully packaged base camp facilities, you can rest assured our focus is on a healthy workforce that, we believe, helps reduce on-the-job safety risks and boosts productivity.

Our mission is to be there when you say, notice your people, and earnestly support the critical effort of restoring power, water, communications, and normalcy when a natural disaster strikes.


Mobilize with MLU Today

Getting started with a reliable disaster recovery plan has never been easier.