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MLU Integrated Services

Apr 8, 2022

The Three Phases of Disaster Response, Recovery, and Maintain

How MLU Services’ Integrated Services Offer Solutions for Every Event

MLU Services Inc offers a variety of services during disaster related incidents. Our services are structured so that they all can integrate through the disaster recovery process.


During the first phase of the disaster response, First Responders are sent out in a search and rescue capacity. Our traffic control crews would be able to set up message boards warning the area of potential dangers and warnings to not enter the area due to hazards and search and rescue operations occurring. While our traffic crews are hard at work, our vegetation management crews can assist in clearing roadways and clearing all vegetative hazards from the roadways to assist these first responders. When the work for the day is completed these first responders can rest their heads and fill their bellies at our Workforce Housing Basecamps ensuring that these first responders can get much needed rest and nutrition to continue in their work.


During the second phase of disaster response, Utility Companies (Gas, Electric, and Water) will be hard at work to return the disaster area to fully operational. MLUs Traffic Control crews can assist in directing these utility companies to their work destination and set up two way flagging operations to ensure that their work zone will be undisturbed and safe. MLUs Vegetation Management crews will work side by side with these utility companies to ensure all hazardous vegetation that may still be standing be removed so that it does not affect the newly installed utilities. Just like the first responders, the Utility company employees will need a place to rest and get a great meal. That is where our Workforce Basecamps come into the picture once more.


During the final phase or the sustainability phase of Disaster Response, MLUs traffic control companies can ensure that the work that is still being done is protected by lane closures, message boards, and two-way flagging. MLUs FEMA division will start to install MHUs (Mobile Home Units) so those that are displaced by the disaster have a place to rest and return to a since of normalcy while work is being done on their permanent domicile. MLUs Workforce Housing Division can supply office trailers to ensure those responsible for the management of the mission have on the ground oversight over the mission.