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Safety Monitoring

On-site Safety Monitoring and Reporting services to ensure your company’s staff and safety scores remain incident-free.

MLU Services Safety Monitoring Services  Training Reporting

MLU Services Safety Training & Safety Meetings save lives.

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Safety States Can Trust

MLU Services offers Federal, State, Utility, and Private organizations the benefits of 20+ years experience in work zone safety operations.

Contact our team to speak with an official representative about Work Site Safety Planning, Set-Up, Monitoring, and Reporting on your next project. 

We ensure that your employees and projects operate in compliance with all current federal and state regulations.

Safety Saves Lives

Research by The American Society of Safety Engineers shows “a comprehensive workplace safety program can decrease the likelihood of a workplace injury by up to 50 percent.”

Safety Services Available:

Work-Site Safety Planning
Employee Safety Training
On-Site Safety Monitoring
Safety Regulation Auditing
Experienced Site Safety Officers
Safe Remote Controlled Hazard Tree Removal

Why Do You Need Safety Monitoring?

Safety Monitoring Services will ensure that your employees and job site remain accident-free.

Avoid Fines and Lawsuits

All contractors have to make sure that all Federal and State laws and regulations are being followed. Depending on the state you are working in, there will be different laws to follow.

Failing to follow these guidelines can lead to some hefty fines and lawsuits. If something were to happen, it could result in heavy financial losses for your company.

Choose a MLU Services Safety Monitoring safety monitoring system. Gain peace of mind knowing that all regulations are being followed and all of your employees are safe.

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Increase Work Site Efficiency

Materials, man hours, equipment, health benefits, medical leave, and more. Everything on a job site has a cost. According to the NSC, the total costs of work-related injuries was around 163.9 billion dollars.

When incidents occur, your business loses money that you could have used on other needs. This situation can worsen if your job site is operating on a strict deadline and/or budget.

Safety Monitoring Services can decrease Time-to-Completion by keeping your work site running at a manageable pace. Time-wise, this benefits your employees as well. Staff members are less likely to be distracted and focus on productivity.

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Choose Safety with MLU Today

Getting started with reliable safety monitoring services has never been easier.