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Driver Safety Training is a Top Priority

Jul 28, 2022

MLU Services, along with teaming partners U.S. Traffic Control, is dedicated to a culture of safety that helps ensure the safety of employees and the people in the communities where we work.

Safety First is our long-time motto. On any given day, our fleet drivers travel an estimated 16,438 miles a day altogether. The sheer volume increases the potential for injuries to drivers and the public. That is one reason driver safety is at the top of our company’s priority list.

Smith System DriverTrainer™

MLU Services and U.S Traffic Control (USTC) sent team leaders to complete the Smith System DriverTrainer™ certification program.

According to Smith Systems, the train-the-trainer certification provides staff with skills to teach Smith System crash-prevention methods to fleet drivers. During the five-day course, company trainers learn to identify weaknesses in driving behavior and provide personalized training to correct these problems.

 Smith System DriverTrainer  Road Te

Garrett King Passes The Smith System DriverTrainer Road Test

“The Smith DriverTrainer™ course,” says USTC Operation Safety Manager Garrett King, “was a very informative training to attend. It teaches you to have better driving habits as well as a safer way to operate your vehicle daily.”

In-house training benefits all employees

Creating a standardized training program with in-house trainers allows MLU to provide driver training for all staff at a reduced cost.

Emily Hixon, MLU Services HR Manager, explains, “As a company, the goal is to have every employee attend this training to benefit the driver as an employee, save the cost of vehicle maintenance, and reduce the risk of driving incidents.”