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MLU Response for Langley AFB

Apr 14, 2022

When Category 5 Hurricane Isabel made landfall it became the deadliest, costliest, and most intense hurricane in the 2003 hurricane season.

The worst storm in 100 years, making landfall at high tide, resulted in much of Langley Air Force Base under three to five feet of water. As Critical Defense and ISR of the U.S. East Coast, Langely is responsible for collecting information related to the enemy’s strength, movements and activity. Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Operators provide top-secret intelligence to command. Due to the massive flooding and damage to the 3000 acre campus, rapid action was imperative for our nation’s security.

In the aftermath of the tremendous storm, it became clear that local vendors and contractors were not effective and base logistics became paralyzed.  Langley needed agile logistics support and turned to Georgia based disaster response specialist, MLU Services, Inc.

MLU Swiftly moved into action as soon as the flood waters subsided, and had roads, access points and staging areas as well as the flight line cleared in just 72 hours. Other MLU provided services included:

  • Tree removal, water removal, remediation
  • Emergency debris removal, cleared flight paths and base routes
  • Massive building interior clean up and C&D removal

The success of this mission reflects the core values held by MLU — Responsiveness, Quality Services, and Safety —  This mission was recognized by the Air Force at the highest levels as the benchmark response to a disaster.  MLU Services was subsequently nominated as the business of the year by the Small Business Administration (SBA).